International Women’s Day

The inspiring journey of Pınar Sabur, one of the women dreaming of standing on their own feet and becoming an entrepreneur, on her way to becoming one of the biggest paper cup manufacturers in Kayseri…

Pınar Sabur, the owner of one of the beneficiary SMEs of the FOSTER Project, is now expanding her company with Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme, financed by the European Union and managed by KfW Development Bank.

Pınar Sabur, who has been working for the exporting of a paint company for 8 years, decided to return to her business life after a 3-year break when she became a mother in order to follow her dream of becoming entrepreneur. Just two months before the Covid 19 pandemic started in Türkiye, Sabur established her own company to produce paper cups. The increasing consumption of disposable paper cups due to pandemic helped her business to grow during that time.

Pınar Sabur maintains her business, which she established with a single machine, with 12 machines and 10 employees today. Sabur states that standing on her own feet was her strongest motivation to establish her own business. She bought raw materials with the loan facility that she received within the FOSTER Project and she believes the loan contributed company’s cash flow. Sabur says “Reimbursement of 50% of the interest rate / profit share is the biggest incentive of the Programme. Facilitating access to finance and reducing the costs made the Project favourable”.

Sabur advises women who want to become entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and adds that the businesses touched by women’s hands are improving and glowing.