Timeline of Call for Proposals is Updated Within Employment Committed SME Support Programme!

The Employment Committed SME Support Programme within FOSTER Project continues after an interruption due to earthquake disaster that hit six project provinces.

The second stage evaluation of the Employment Committed SME Support Programme within FOSTER Project will be held between May 24 and June 21, 2023. The independent committees formed for the second stage evaluation will evaluate the successful applications from the first stage.

The commencement date of implementation is August 1, 2023.

The updated Timeline of Call for Proposals is as follows;

Announcement of Call for Proposals26.12.2022
First Stage Evaluation30.01.2023-08.05.2023
Administrative Check09.05.2023-18.05.2023
Corrections by Applicant SMEs19.05.2023-21.05.2023
Final Administrative Check22.05.2023-23.05.2023
Second Stage Evaluation and Announcement of Second Stage Scores for Objections24.05.2023-21.06.2023
Application for Objections22.06.2023-23.06.2023
Board Evaluation for the Eligible Objections13.07.2023-26.07.2023
Ranking and Awarding27.07.2023-31.07.2023
Implementation Start01.08.2023*
First Monitoring Period01.12.2023
First E&S Monitoring Period01.12.2023-01.02.2024
Second Monitoring Period01.04.2024
Third Monitoring Period01.08.2024
Fourth Monitoring Period01.12.2024
Second E&S Monitoring Period01.08.2024-01.10.2024
Closure of SME Support Mechanism01.03.2025

* The commencement date of implementation for SMEs claiming they are unable to involve in support process in Hatay and Kahramanmaraş is 01.01.2024. The monitoring schedules will be determined based on the relevant commencement dates.

FOSTER Project is financed by the European Union, managed by KfW Development Bank and implemented by KOSGEB.