Duayen Yapı Grows with R&D Activities

Engaging in exporting activities and planning to open a new factory in Dubai, Duayen Yapı channeled its interest rate/profit share subsidy to R&D activities. Şengül Şahan, Domestic Sales Manager of Duayen Yapı, talks about their operations in production of insulation materials, paints and glues and adds “Our main driving force is to become a world-class and eco-friendly company that will represent our country in the top-tier in the construction, defense and industrial fields.”

Duayen Yapı has been established in 2015 and has 60 employees, 35 of whom are women. Şengül Şahan states that they produce various paints with polyurethane and epoxy-based insulation materials, but the fire paints that are produced in R&D centers are one of the most unique products, as they prevent fire’s spread up to 120 minutes. She emphasizes that polyurea product groups, which garner a lot of interest, particularly from the defense industry and the military, serve as a shield against bombs, weapons and missiles and have a significant impact in the industry. Duayen Yapı has two factories in Tuzla Free Zone and production lines in Dudullu where they export their products to 70 countries. Şahan emphasizes how crucial it is for them to collaborate with 17 Chemical Engineers in the R&D centres and explains how they used the loan from the FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme to increase their R&D efforts, boost the company’s technical capacity, and simplify domestic and international payments.