Tepe Baca is Growing through Franchise

İsmail Salih Tatlıoğlu, a 34-year-old entrepreneur, founded Tepe Baca ve Havalandırma Sistemleri in 2019. It stands out in the sector by producing stainless chimneys for the construction industry. İsmail Salih Tatlıoğlu previously worked for another construction firm, and now he intends to expand his business by promoting his brand both in Türkiye and abroad.

İsmail Salih Tatlıoğlu emphasises the significance of being the only company in Ankara with a product range of stainless steel chimneys, waste separation systems, and ventilation ducts produced. He initially hopes to establish dealerships in Turkey and abroad.

Tepe Baca ve Havalandırma Sistemleri has currently 19 employees and is exporting waste separation systems to Iraq. Tatlıoğlu states that the interest rate and profit share they received through the FOSTER Project helped them become more competitive in the industry. The low interest rate and profit share allowed for the purchase of raw materials by cashing in postdated checks, according to his description of the project’s benefits. “It has increased market competition, which has accelerated our business.” He continues.