Trans-El Elektrik Pursues Growing with Exports

Trans-El Elektrik, which produces oil-type distribution and power transformers in Şanlıurfa, aims to heal the wounds of the earthquake occurred on February 6, by increasing its export volume.

Müslüm Kara (36), a young business person who is an electrical and electronics engineer, runs Trans-El Elektrik in Şanlıurfa with his two partners. Trans-El Elektrik is one the beneficiary SMEs of FOSTER Project’s Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme and they purchased raw materials with the favorable loan and boosted their working capital.

Their business was adversely affected by the earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş and neighboring provinces therefore, they could not collect the products they sold, especially in Adıyaman and Kahramanmaraş, and the checks were not paid yet. Emphasizing that their operations have completely stopped at times, Kara adds that employees have also lost their motivation. He underlined that the need, which grew more urgent in the wake of the earthquake, is primarily financial assistance to cover the fixed costs of SMEs during their period of inactivity and to offer investment incentives to boost capacity and employment. investment incentives to increase capacity and employment.

Trans-El Elektrik meets the demand for qualified personnel by retaining experienced staff and training the new hires. Kara continues, “Supporting employment empowers them so he aims to increase the number of employees from 40 to 250.” He explains that as an entrepreneur, contributing to production and exporting nourishes him. Kara states, “We produce an average of 3 thousand transformers annually and we aim to increase our exports to Europe and America rather than the Middle East. ”Osman Karakaş is one of the workers Trans-El Elektrik hired as part of the FOSTER Project. Karakaş, 36, provides for his family’s needs through his work as a bobbin winder. As he explains, “I got a job thanks to the project, and my dream is to sustain my job.”