Trainings Support Us in Building Institutional Capacity

Institutional Capacity Building activities for the FOSTER Project Team continue.

424 people attended certified trainings in 11 different fields, ranging from the environment, monitoring and evaluation to finance and project management. Participants received a total of 211 hours of training from leading experts.

Environmental and Social Requirements, Project Writing, Management and Implementation, Advanced Presentation Techniques, Institutional Crisis and Risk Management, Basic Finance, Work Permit Procedures and Applications, Business English, Monitoring and Evaluation, SME Finance, Environmental and Social Monitoring, Effective Project Management Trainings were delivered within the FOSTER Project’s Institutional Capacity Building activities.

Within the SME Finance Training, participants received theoretical and practical training on a variety of topics, including international trends in SME finance, financial analysis, SMEs’ access to finance challenges, and alternative financing techniques.

A comprehensive training programme has been provided on data collection and analysis, evaluation cycle and framework in the Monitoring and Evaluation Training.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has delivered participants the Effective Project Management Training in Frankfurt which consists of project planning, working with partners, project implementation, monitoring and control, business communication, conflict management, project team and leadership.

The feedback of the participants on the trainings prepared in line with the Training Needs Assessment was also positive and supportive of capacity building.