A Pioneer Success Story in Digital Transformation

Ms. Didem Yayın embarked on her professional journey in 2010 at a Turkish Telekom TNT dealership. Ms. Didem Yayın, who gained experience in this five-year journey eventually moved on to manage the field personnel in 2015 and continued activities as a business partner in a different business line of Turkish Telekom. Currently, they focus on digitalizing SMEs and offering internet for mobile lines to them. They are actively operating in Bursa, Kütahya, and Balıkesir regions.

A significant part of Yayınnet’s team consists of field staff who visit companies and provide solutions to their technical needs. The office team handles sales operations and completes activation processes in the Turkish Telekom System. Half of Yayınnet’s team, which consists of 33 members, comprises of women who diligently carry out their work.

During the pandemic, Yayınnet managed to retain jobs by benefitting from KOSGEB support, which proved to be a significant contribution to sustaining their business. Subsequently, they continued to improve their business through the FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme. They employed foreigners under temporary protection holding associate degrees and due to their constant phone communication as part of their job, their Turkish language skills have significantly improved over time.

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, the Yayınnet team successfully continued their operations through proactive approaches and dedicated efforts. Mr. Didem Yayın, who is focused on sustaining and expanding her business, aims to increase employment opportunities for youth and women in the future. Yayınnet will continue to support SMEs in the digital transformation process while maintaining its leadership position in the industry.