A Successful E-Trader at Galepharma through the Experience Gained in Different Sectors

Mr. Riad Hantou is a foreigner under temporary protection who came to Türkiye at the age of 17 while in the final year of high school. He enrolled in a distance education high school to continue his education. He lives with his mother and brother and he is the sole responsible for his family’s livelihood as his brother is ill. After arriving in Türkiye, Mr. Riad worked in different sectors. He worked in construction, tailoring, and manufacturing before joining an e-commerce company in electronics for three years, where he gained experience in e-commerce.

After working in different companies for short periods, he started working at Galepharma, a pharmaceutical company. He established company’s Arabic website and started exporting to international firms with his previous e-commerce knowledge. Mr. Riad underlines the social cohesion as one of the most important elements of the FOSTER Project and says that he had the opportunity for a quick adaptation to a different culture through his job. He wants to make Galepharma a well-known company in the Middle East and to increase its sales in e-commerce.