Elmastek Mühendislik: High Technology and Unique Software

Mr. Recep Elmas’s entrepreneurial journey began during his high school years. His geography teacher’s discourse about the importance of establishing companies and value-added production shaped Mr. Recep Elmas’s career path. As an active student in university, Mr. Recep Elmas led the formation of a robotics club and served on the student commission of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

In 2011, when the Ministry of Industry provided direct support to new graduates, Mr. Recep Elmas applied for the “Techno-Initiative Capital Support” Project. While serving in the military, Mr. Recep Elmas took three days off to write this project and, upon returning from the military, he was called for an interview and established his first company as a first step into the business world. He then continued his journey by establishing his second company, Elmastek Mühendislik, in Izmir in 2018.

Mr. Recep Elmas manages administrative tasks as the company owner and handles product design and engineering services as an electrical and electronics engineer. Elmastek Mühendislik produces electronic control boards specifically for various machine manufacturers and factories. The company also writes the embedded software for these control boards in-house and possesses a high-tech assembly line. This assembly line can process 40,000 components per hour, and the production processes are carried out on this line.

Recep Elmas learned about the FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme through KOSGEB. He invested in machines for cable cutting, crimping, socketing, and injection production with the financial support he received. Additionally, he expanded his team by employing two foreigners under international protection. This support allowed him making investments related to cable machines by increasing his machine park and capacities. Mr. Recep Elmas states that “This investment would not have been possible without the financial support”.

Thanks to the financial support, Elmastek Mühendislik not only achieved capacity expansion but also set ambitious goals for the future. The company aims to open a branch in Europe and make a strong entry into the European market with their new products and increased capacities.

Mr. Recep Elmas’s determination and commitment to innovation form the keystone of Elmastek Engineering’s success. Elmastek Mühendislik aims to achieve even greater successes in the field of technology and engineering in the future.