Flexia’s Success: Growing with Exports and Increasing the Employment

Flexia was founded in 2006 and produces copper wire and granule cables. The company entered a growth phase in 2012 and opened a new larger factory in 2018. Under the leadership of Quality Manager and Board Member Mr. Coşkun Kadıoğlu and the Chairman of the Board, Flexia aimed to grow through exporting activities and successfully increased its capacity.

Flexia employs 121 people including ten foreigners under temporary protection. All personnel have strengthened their communication and increased their collaboration by learning a foreign language from each other.

Flexia not only purchased raw materials but also created employment thanks to the support received from FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme. However, their production almost came to a standstill for a while due to being located in the earthquake affected region. They managed to overcome this challenging period and got their business back on track; the company first employed two employees and then added six more with the support they received. The company aims to grow in the future and sustain their success in the sector.