İlkfa Tekstil Under the Leadership of Ferhat Demir

Mr. Ferhat Demir who is from Nusaybin, Mardin moved to İzmir in 1992 and started working at his brother’s company. He worked in the management department and as a craftsman for 15 years and improved himself in professional life. Mr. Ferhat Demir, having equipped himself with his experience, made the decision to start his own business.

Mr. Ferhat Demir returned to Mardin in 2016 and supported creating employment in the region through the government supports. İlkfa Tekstil carries out contract manufacturing and production of trousers for various brands. Mr. Ferhat Demir’s goal is to establish his own brand and operate in the international arena.

As both the owner and chairman of the company, Mr. Ferhat Demir learned about the FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Programme through KOSGEB. With this financial support, he purchased machinery, provided employment, and expanded his business line. Mr. Ferhat Demir notes that the two foreigners under temporary protection they hired have contributed significantly to the company’s growth with their diligence and experience.

Looking to the future, the company plans to establish a new firm. Mr. Ferhat Demir mentioned that their new facility, currently under construction, will be operational within four months. Their goal is to reach 250 employees, aiming to grow both in terms of workforce.