İs Teknoloji’s Digitalization Projects have been Accelerated Thanks to the FOSTER Project

İs Teknoloji has accelerated its digital archive projects by increasing its employment capacity thanks to the grant support received under the FOSTER Project’s Employment Committed SME Support Programme. The company offers turnkey projects by developing software and service bureau-based technologies and products in document scanning, image processing, document archiving and document management. The qualified workforce provided by university graduate foreigner under temporary protection hired through the FOSTER Project positively contributes to the progress of the project.

The services developed by İs Teknoloji contribute to the conservation of natural resources by reducing paper consumption. The digitalization process also leads to significant savings in energy and water consumption. Transitioning to digitalized document management instead of physical copying processes helps reducing the carbon footprint by minimizing the use of energy-intensive devices. This environmental friendly service does not only enhance business efficiency but also makes a significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources and environmental sustainability. In this way, businesses both reduce their costs and fulfil their social responsibilities by adopting an eco-friendly approach.

Mr. Şükrü Armağan, General Manager of İs Teknoloji, mentioned that their first entrepreneurial idea started in 1998 when he and two friends opened a store called EŞE Bilgisayar, where they sold computer games and repaired computers. In 2014, they took over a business named Neteksis and renamed it as İs Teknoloji. Since then, they have stood out in the industry by playing a significant role in the development of IT projects for both public and private sectors with high information technology and object-oriented application development approaches.

By accelerating its digitalization processes under the FOSTER Project’s Employment Committed SME Support Programme, İs Teknoloji increases its employment capacity and takes significant steps towards sustainability. The company’s success sets an example in enhancing business efficiency and fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities.