KOSGEB was founded to increase the share of SMEs and entrepreneurs in economic and social development to reach an innovative, technological and competitive structure through effective supports and services. The Ministry of Industry and Technology is the primary authority that defines SME policies and implements them through its associate body, KOSGEB.

KOSGEB implements SME policies and programmes to support SMEs’ growth and development in Türkiye, carries out the necessary development and support programmes for improving SMEs’ technological skills, managerial infrastructure and awareness, and provides appropriate financial mechanisms to promote investments leading up to high value-adding production.

KOSGEB mainly provides services and supports for SMEs that conform with the following legal definition:

  • Staff size and turnover: Businesses that employ less than 250 employees and whose annual net sales revenue or financial balance sheet does not exceed TRY 500 million.
  • Sectoral activity: Until 2009, KOSGEB`s services and supports were limited to the SMEs operating in the manufacturing sector. In 2009, the scope of services was expanded to other sectors including mining, construction, retail and whole trade, transportation, accommodation, communication, administrative and technical services and arts, entertainment and recreation sectors.

KOSGEB has launched several credit programmes to financially support SMEs and their infrastructure investments. KOSGEB provides supports to SMEs under the following six main pillars:

  • Entrepreneurship Supports
  • R&D, Technological Production and Domestication Supports
  • Enterprise Development, Growth and Internationalization Supports
  • SME Finance Supports
  • Laboratory Services
  • İŞGEM/TEKMER Programme

KOSGEB is an experienced institution in implementing and coordinating international private sector and SME development programmes. In addition to the above-mentioned programmes directly carried out by KOSGEB, the institution engages in various partnerships and initiatives with international organisations, EU, and other stakeholders under SME-related studies, B2B events, expert exchange programmes, training and model sharing programmes and joint industry working groups.

In FOSTER Project, KOSGEB is the project executing agency, which is responsible for setting up and managing the two components implemented under the Project, namely Interest/Profit Share Subsidy Mechanism and SME Support Mechanism.


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