Adams Diş is Building its Future with the FOSTER Project’s Loan

Tevfik Ali Demir, 43, launched his second business, Adams Diş, one of the FOSTER Project’s beneficiary SMEs in Gaziantep. Before starting his new business to produce dental prosthetics five years ago, Demir worked in the auto repair industry. Demir has an aspiration to continue his business whereby training those who want to learn the profession. Being fascinated by the dental prosthesis sector since his childhood, Demir participated in a training programme in this subject after starting his own vehicle maintenance company. Meanwhile, he worked as an apprentice in a dental clinic. He is a graduate of business management, and this enables him to use the knowledge he has learned in the classroom to his business. Demir, who currently owns a business that employs 24 people and produces 150 prostheses per day, wants to create a company that maintains its prosthesis manufacturing operations while also serving as a training facility to help close the training gap in this industry. When it comes to both capacity and technology, Adams Diş occupies a solid position in the industry. They have 60% of their processes digitalized thanks to their 3D printers. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic’s capacity drop to 10-15% and the earthquake’s disruption of the business for a week, they were able to bounce back. Demir provides the following justification for how the FOSTER Project subsidy will help the business develop in the future: “We have been able to buy our raw material stock for the next two years. This has helped us to lower our costs for the upcoming period while also boosting our profits. Additionally, because we paid cash, the supplier gave us a sizable discount.