Güven Elektrik Wants to Expand with New Investments

Güven Elektrik, which is an Ankara based firm producing high voltage electrical materials, intends to expand through new investments. Zeki Tavas, company owner, explains that after moving their operations from Şanlıurfa to Ankara, they expanded internationally.

Zeki Tavas (50) is a second generation entrepreneur who describes himself as a person with high entrepreneurial and competitive spirit. Tavas relocated his business from Şanlıurfa to Ankara in an effort to establish himself as a leading figure in the industry. He describes their growth in the sector as follow: “Our trade volume has significantly increased since we arrived in Ankara. This enabled us to access international markets. We seized the opportunity to take part in significant projects in Türkiye and abroad. We are very happy with what we have achieved so far.”Tavas states that they produce high voltage mobile transformers, high voltage power lines and transformer insulators, and they are working with major investors and contractors in Türkiye. They are also selling to markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Güven Elektrik has the following future goals: “We are planning to make a new investment for high voltage power lines and insulators. With regard to the advent of electric cars, one of our future targets is to produce solar panels and industrial batteries.”

Tavas acknowledges that the loan provided by the Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme within the FOSTER Project has been very helpful for their business since it offers 50% subsidized loans. Tavas explains the benefits of the Project loan as follows: “The loan helped us increase our employment and business development capacity. It supported our cash flow by decreasing our production cost.”