Mekosan Boru Used the Project Loan for R&D Activities

Mekosan Boru, a manufacturer of pipe packaging, countersinking and grooving machines, and pipe and profile painting lines, has relieved its cash flow with the FOSTER Project loan and aims to expand its product range. Company partner Hamdi Atay states that they used the loan provided within the scope of the Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme in prototype manufacturing and R&D activities.

After working as a senior manager in the private sector for years, Hamdi Atay established Mekosan Boru in Kayseri in 2010 with his friends. Mekosan Boru has an annual production capacity of 45 machines. Atay adds that their biggest motivation while establishing Mekosan was “to produce the machines that are not manufactured in Turkiye and to lead the sector”. Atay states the pipe profile packaging machine production was previously led by Italian companies and the sector became more competitive with Mekosan’s inclusion. They have stopped imports and currently started exporting to 49 countries, including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Germany and the United States of America.

Atay explains that they mainly used the loan for R&D and prototype manufacturing, as well as covering employees’ salaries, and expenses of electricity and mechanical parts. FOSTER Project Employment Committed SME Finance Support Programme loan attracted Mekosan due to reasons such as “easy application, easy and subsidized payment procedure”.

Finding qualified employees has been one of the most important difficulties that the enterprise has faced since the establishment of its business. Atay emphasized that they train their employees to improve their skills. He notes that they have employed two people as part of the FOSTER Project and adds that the employment has been sustained as a result of the project, and they are pleased to be able to contribute to the labour force they require rather than employee circulation.