The FOSTER Project Encourages Environmental and Social Compliance in SMEs

FOSTER Project Team has conducted the Environmental, Social, Health & Safety (ESHS) Compliance Monitoring between October 30 and December 8, 2023. Project Team paid site monitoring visits to beneficiary SMEs that are classified as “medium” risk according to their sectors and sizes. Through visits, it is aimed at strengthening their compliance with national legislation and international standards regarding the environment, occupational health and safety, and social requirements.

ESHS compliance offers a complementary approach to support SMEs in becoming environmentally and socially responsive enterprises while promoting sustainability. The primary goal of the mission is to empower SMEs for their transformation into enterprises that are environment-friendly, binding to national environmental, occupational health & safety, and social laws, regulations, and international standards. The Project Team also provides feedback through the reports indicating areas for improvement in line with the Environmental and Social Management System established within the FOSTER Project. In accordance with the comprehensive assessments made during the visits, SMEs are encouraged to take the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable future.